What Does My Order Status Mean?


When placing an order with IRONMANSTORE, the status of your order will give you an idea of what stage your order is in processing. To better understand what is happening with your order, we have outlined what each order status means.



This order status means that your order has been received and is currently pending a review from one of our staff members. Your order normally clears this status relatively quickly and requires no action on your part.



An order with the status of processing is a good order that is awaiting transmission to our warehouse. This processing status normally clears within 15 minutes. If your order is at processing for over an hour, we recommend contacting us to make sure your order flows correctly through our system and no more information is needed from you.


At Warehouse

When an order has the status of at warehouse, the order is currently in our warehouse awaiting fulfillment. This is typically step in the order process that can take 1-2 business days depending on the volume of orders we are experiencing at that time. If you order has this status for more that 4 business day, we recommend contacting is to make sure no more information is needed from you.



An order that has an exception status is an order that needs to be manually touched by one of our staff members. When you see this status, we will be contacting you to notify you of any issues or request any additional information we may need. Typical reasons for this status range from a payment issue to one or more of the items on the order being out of stock. 


Oh Hold

All orders placed on IRONMANSTORE.com are ran through a fraud detection system to determine if the order is possibly fraudulent. This is an independent process separate from the one your card issuer may run. Orders that come back with a high fraud score will be put 'On Hold' until we have a chance to verify the details of the order are accurate. We will reach out to verify this information shortly after the order has been placed. 



An order with the status of cancelled is simply that, an order that has been cancelled. This can happen for a number of reasons but in the event of an order cancellation, you should receive a confirmation email and the payment method will be voided in our system. Orders with this status require no more further action on them. 



If an order has the status of closed, this is an order under which we have fulfilled the order in full, but have had to refund the order due to a return or damage. Orders with this status require no more further action on them.


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