How To Order Custom Gear


In this article, we are going to outline how to order custom gear from IRONMANSTORE's custom site. This tool is online available on a desktop browser and some tablet browsers. Our custom site is run by a third party company called Spreadshirt and they allow us to give you the option of making custom items to commemorate your IRONMAN training or finish.

  1. To start, head to and click the 'Custom' link in the navigation:


  2. Next, you can choose a category from the drop down to see some pre-made options, or you can select 'Create Your Own' to start from scratch:


  3. For this example, we are going to look at customizing some pre-made options. Select 'Support Crew' from the navigation dropdown:


  4. From here you can select the race you are training for from the dropdown menu. The page begins with the Full events and the 70.3 events will on the right of the dropdown. Just for this example, we are going to select the first race on the page, 'IRONMAN Arizona'.


  5. Next we will select the first item on this page, the IRONMAN Arizona Team Men's Tee.


  6. Once on the product page, to customize pre-made items, you will select the 'Change Text' option:


  7. In the popup box, you can change the text on the shirt, the color of the text, resize it, rotate it, and move it if you like:


  8. Once you have edited what you would like to be changed, you can add the item to the cart and continue shopping, or proceed to checkout. 


In the next article, we outline the 'Create Your Own' tool that you can use on our custom site to build your item from scratch. Click the button below to head to that article now!

Using The 'Create Your Own' Tool

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