When Will My Order Ship? (US)



When Will My Order Ship?


  • All standard orders have a 1 to 2 business day processing window before they are shipped out, regardless of the shipping option chosen. 
  • Orders are NOT processed and delivered on weekends or holidays. If you order after 2 PM EST on any given day, the order will not go into processing status until the following business day.
  • International shipments are subject to a longer processing time. Please allow an additional time to process and ship your order. 

Once a package has shipped, we will notify you within 24 hours with a tracking number you can use to track the shipment. You can track the shipment with the following options:

Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. To view your shipping charges for a particular item, add that item to your shopping cart and pricing for shipment will calculate. Items ship 1-2 Business days after purchase.

For international shipments, please see the article found at the link below:

International Orders



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