Using The Support Center

Follow has an all new way to get answers to the questions you have! With our new support center, you can find answers to the questions you need by search, category, or the most recently updated. In this article we will outline exactly how to use the support center to get answers to the questions you have!

Main Categories


The main categories can be found at the top of the page along with navigation links back to You can use these buttons to view all support articles under that category, quickly narrowing your search for answers. 

Search Bar & All Categories

The search bar can be used to search for the answer to your question! Just enter the keyword of your search, for example "shipping time" or "discounts", and you will get a list of search results related to your search field. 

You can also use the "View All Questions" button to view all the categories and their questions on one page. This is the easiest way to browse all articles to find the information you need!

Getting Started

The getting started button are direct links to some of the most helpful articles in the Support Center. The "Using Support Center" button brought you here, to learn more about the support center! You can use the other buttons to learn about Sales & Discounts, Managing your IRONMANSTORE Account, Managing Your Order, and Returns & Exchanges.

Recently Viewed, Recently Updated, & Promoted Articles

In this section you will find your most recently viewed articles, the most recent support center articles, and the promoted articles. The Recently Viewed section will display the articles you have most recently viewed in the Support Center.

The Recent Activity section will display the most recently Support Center articles. Here you can find information on topics that have been updated or added, allowing you to quickly find answers that are up to date.

The Promoted articles will be the list of support articles that we suggest you take a look at. Think of these as a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that we get here at 

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